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This website – Raffles Entertainment Exclusive – will be my voice, with all my official news, press-releases, and calendars of events. So for the truth, please come here first!


On February 11, 2012, my life was forever changed. My dear friend, Whitney Houston, was found dead in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. It was a devastating loss for her family, friends, fans, and loved ones; her death impacted the entire world. I will never forget Whitney. She was such a loving and positive person, and I miss her with all my heart.


For me, what followed Whitney’s passing can only be described as a horrific nightmare. Immediately following her death, I have been the subject of a witch-hunt of massive proportions, from celebrity columnists, tabloid television shows, and I have endured harassment from blog-commentators. I have been slandered with labels such as “enabler, drug-dealer, seller of death photographs, seller of tabloid stories,” and I have been the victim of homophobic slurs and rants.


The last four months have been terrible for me. While the tabloid and even mainstream media attempted to gain ratings at my expense, I lost friends, clients, and most tragically, my family was harassed. I particularly grieve for the effects of these slurs and falsehoods on my parents, and siblings. No person should be subjected to such bullying and abuse by tabloids, columnists, bloggers — or by anyone. My family certainly did not deserve the heartache that they have had to endure.


I have been stunned by these accusations, but am now ready to fight back, for the sake of my reputation, my career, and for my family’s sake. I have now retained a top-notch legal team, headed by legal adviser, Frank K. Wheaton, Esq., and I also have a new PR team that is working to combat the lies that were invented and told by certain bloggers. My legal team is sending out cease-and-desist orders, and will be pursuing all legal avenues available to me to correct the misinformation and lies that have been so damaging. Additionally, I will be giving interviews, with the goal of clearing my name, and I am now engaged in negotiations for my memoir — that will set the record straight.


I will accept nothing less than full apologies and retractions from those who have attacked me so viciously. Please visit this website for updates, and thank you.

Raffles van Exel

Photo Credit: Coleman Rayner/mirror.co.uk