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Mirror Interview with Raffles van Exel

‘We were paralysed with shock’: Whitney Houston’s friend reveals for the first time the moment he found her dead in her hotel room      The horrific sight still keeps him awake at night and will be forever etched on his   mind.     When Raffles van Exel saw Whitney Houston’s bodyguard frantically pumping [...]

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There are a couple of errors in the Mirror & Daily mail article that I would like to correct. I did not know the location of Bobby Brown when I told him about Whitney Houston’s tragic death. I knew he was on tour with his group, New Edition but did not know the exact location. [...]

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Daily Mail Interviews Raffles van Exel

 Whitney Houston’s former aide Raffles van Exel has spoken out about the death of his close friend.   Raffles claims he went to check on the late singer in her suite at the Beverly Hilton Hotel and found her bodyguard Ray Watson frantically pumping her chest.   The entertainment consultant then instinctively stepped forward and [...]

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Welcome to Raffles Entertainment Exclusive!

This website – Raffles Entertainment Exclusive – will be my voice, with all my official news, press-releases, and calendars of events. So for the truth, please come here first!   On February 11, 2012, my life was forever changed. My dear friend, Whitney Houston, was found dead in her room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel. [...]

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